The goal of TeaLightBox.com is to provide totally custom laser cut tea light boxes at an incredible price to customers around the world.

How can you get a custom on-demand tea light box for under 20$ shipped?

  1. CNCROi.com, the parent company of TeaLightBox.com, already has the best production CNC laser on the market, a Trotec Speedy 400 flexx which is fast and dependable. We already have the facilities, equipment and overhead taken care of.
  2. We have DECADES of experience with custom design and optimization, all we do is “custom” and as a result, whatever you throw at us, we’ve done it before so there is no learning curve involved. Time is money and we don’t have a learning curve to adapt to.
  3. We limited the “base materials” and are able to produce in volume. In other words, you may be ordering a few custom light boxes from us but we bunch onto that other orders, creating the volume we need to make a production run affordable to each and every individual order as a whole.

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