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200 Valentine’s Day Designs… so far!

When I decided to follow through and launch, the first thing I did was to take a look at the calendar to decide what “theme” I should focus on first.

Why Valentine’s Day?

As mentioned, it was the first major event coming-up this calendar year that may lead to orders for the site to start making some money.

Secondly, my friend David already had 200 designs made and ready to go focused on “love” so putting both together, it was an obvious way to begin populating with designs for customers to choose from.

You and Me Style

That is also why all my videos (and a few more coming) are also focused on our Valentine’s Day theme thus far, is a new idea and I wanted to showcase how this business worked using a product people would most likely order for Valentine’s Day.

Other designs coming…

Of course, just about any design can be converted into a custom tea light box, I did have time to showcase just that with a giraffe and owl pairing of tea light boxes which came out great and the customer was very happy with the results so more is definitely coming.

White Owl & Orange Giraffe: Custom Tea Light Box

My goal with is to have a thousand design ideas on the site by the end of the year but keep in mind, if you don’t see what you like or want, we can of course fast track things for your particular desires just like what I did for the owl and giraffe custom tea lights I wrote about earlier.

Branding Strategies

While developing this site, creating and uploading designs as well as producing orders for customers, I’ve had in the back of my mind the easiest way to brand these without being too much obtrusive yet also respecting the customer.

What I mean by that is not doing the equivalent of making a t-shirt with my logo front and center, additionally, I wanted the branding to not be removable even if painted over, in other words, permanent.

Valentine Love Box: Custom Tea Light Box

The focus of the custom tea light boxes you see on are on YOU, not “ME” so I decided to stick it on the bottom of the tea light boxes completely out-of-the-way and not noticeable unless you look under the tea light.

The ultimate goal of is repeat business and as such, I wanted customers to know where they got this but at the same time, not be reminded about it each time they stuck a LED candle inside.

Sparkle Gold Valentines: Custom Tea Light Box

There is still quite a lot of work ahead of me to develop to it’s full potential but for now, the focus has to be on making videos demonstrations using different ideas and themes so that the momentum starts to build, the same way it has for which runs this business.

Animal Love

If you are looking for a custom tea light box for whatever occasion, contact us at right now!